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adr1000 rs232 serial data acquisition interface

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ADR1000 Serial Data Acquisition Interface

NOTE: The ADR1000 is not recommended for new designs. Alternative product, ADR2100, offers higher functionality and lower cost.

The ADR1000 serial data acquisition interface allows control of 32 digital I/O lines and 8, 8-bit analog inputs ( 0 - 5VDC)  via an RS232 or RS422 or RS485 link. This low-cost serial data acquistion interface is easy to use with Visual Basic, Basic, C. Labview, Testpoint, or other high level languages that allow access to a serial port. Designed for entry level data acquisition or control applications. Daisy-chain up to eight boards for high I/O applications.

Key Benefits,   ADR1000 Serial Data Acquisition Interface

  • 8, 8-bit Analog Inputs ( 0 - 5VDC )
  • 32 Digital I/O Lines
  • Versatile 16-bit Event Counter
  • RS232,RS422,RS485 Communication
  • Daisy-Chain Capabilities
  • 5VDC Regulated Wall Adaptor Available

Specifications,  ADR1000 Serial Data Acquisition Interface

Supply Voltage 5VDC +/- 1-%
Supply Current 17mA Typical, 30mA Max.
Operating Temperature 0 - 50C
Input Voltage Range 0 - 5VDC
Input Capacitance 1.2nF Typical
Input Impedance >20Mohm
Accuracy 0.5%
DIGITAL I/O (32)  
Sink Current 2mA Max.
Source Current 1mA Max.
Vout High 4.00V Min.
Vout Low 0.45V Max.
Vin High 2.2V Min.
Vin Low 0.8V Max.
Input Type TTL
Maximum Count 65535  (16-bit )
Type RS232,RS422,RS485

9600 Baud, 8 bit words, 1 stop bit

no parity

Pricing,   ADR1000 Serial Data Acquisition Interface

Note: The ADR1000 is a special order item and availability is not guaranteed due to NEC Corporation discontinuance of the MPU used in this product.

Description $US
ADR1000 $225.00
ADR1000PWR $15.95

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