ADU  Series - USB Data Acquisition Interface SDK 

ADU Stream Pipe

The AduHid DLL provides a pipe to transmit sample data to the host in a stream.
Note: Only selected models of ADU devices support the stream pipe.

Only an inbound stream connection is provided; no data flows outbound from the PC.

The commands to start and stop the stream pipe are sent to the ADU device via the ADU device pipe. (Since no outbound connection is provided on the stream pipe it cannot start or stop itself).

If the ADU device streams data faster than the host application can read it then old data packets are dropped from the PC buffers.

An application opens an ADU Stream Pipe with the OpenAduStream function.

The commands to start and stop the stream are written to the device pipe with WriteAduDevice. (There is no function to write to the stream pipe. It is for input only.)

Data is read from the stream pipe with ReadAduStream.

When finished close the stream pipe with CloseAduStream.

Note: all stream pipe functions include "AduStream" in their name

Note: some ADU devices do not support the stream pipe