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adr2010 rs232/rs485 serial data acquisition interface


ADR2010 RS232/RS485 Serial Data Acquisition Interface ( Dimensions, 5.4" X 2.8" )

The ADR2010 serial data acquisition interface allows control of 8 digital I/O lines and 8, 12-bit analog inputs ( 0 - 5VDC, 0-10VDC, +/-5VDC, +/-10VDC ) , two PWM outputs and one event counter via an RS232  or RS485 link. This low-cost serial data acquistion interface is easy to use with Visual Basic, Basic, C, Labview, Testpoint, or other high level languages that allow access to a serial port. The ADR2000 series of data acquisition interfaces are daisy chainable up to ten units. All ADR2000 series boards contain RS232 to RS485 convertors.

Click here to download USER MANUAL for ADR2010 ( PDF 582K )

Key Benefits ,  ADR2010 Serial Data Acquisition Interface

  • 8, Single-Ended, 12-Bit Analog Inputs ( 0 -5VDC, 0 - 10 VDC, +/-5VDC, +/- 10VDC )
  • Software Select Range
  • 2,  10-bit PWM 
  • 8  Digital I/O Lines ( Sink/Source 20mA )
  • Versatile 16-bit Event Counter
  • RS232,RS485 Communication
  • Transparent RS232 Port at each Node in Daisy-Chained Application
  • Daisy-Chain Capabilities ( Up to 10 boards)
  • Operates on standard 9VDC wall adaptor or 7 -15 VDC

Specifications,  ADR2010 Serial Data Acquisition Interface

Supply Voltage 5VDC  or 9 - 15VDC
Supply Current ( Outputs unloaded ) 30mA Typical  40mA Max
Operating Temperature 0-50C
Analog Inputs ( 8 SE  )
Resolution 12-bits
Accuracy 0.1%,  0.02% calibrated
Offset Error +/- 5LSB Max.
Integral Non-Linearity 1 LSB Max.
Input Range 0-5VDC, 0- 10VDC,  +/- 5VDC, +/- 10VDC
Input Impedance 10Kohm
PWM Outputs (2)
Resolution 10-bit
Frequency 9.76 Khz
Digital I/O (8 TTL)
Sink Current 20mA
Source Current 20mA
Event Counter ( 1 )
Resolution 16-bit
Input Type Contact or TTL
Max Frequency 250Khz
Serial Port
Type RS232 and RS485 9600 Baud ( other rates by special order )
Daisy-Chain Up to ten boards

Pricing,   ADR2010 Serial Data Acquisition Interface ( Includes RS232 cable )

Description $US
ADR2010 $225.00
ADRPWR $12.95


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