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Electronic Custom Design Services
Lets start with a quick look at ontrak control systems.....
Tom Fortin-Engineering Manager Product Test Station Quality Inspection
The vast majority of products manufactured by Ontrak Control Systems are custom products developed for OEM's in various industries including medical instrumentation, security, industrial control and Point-Of-Sale. All products, whether stock or custom, are subject to complete functional verification before delivery ensuring reliable operation in the field. Inspection of all products is performed and documented throughout the assembly, cleaning,and testing process.
Test Equipment for certification
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CSA-UL-TUV Safety Test Station Automated GTEM Cell for RF Emissions and Immunity Tests ESD Test Station
All CSA/UL and TUV certified products are subject to
Hi-Pot and ground bond testing.
The GTEM RF cell facilitates RF emmissions and imunity testing of all products to CE,FCC and ICES  standards. The ESD test station is an essential tool for CE certification.
CERTIFICATION and Prototyping solutions Made Easy
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Schaffner MODULA EMC Generator Test Station Novastar Wave Solder Machine Novastar SMT Pick-and-place Machine
Product certification for safety and EMC standards including FCC Part 15, CSA, UL,TUV and CE Mark can be managed by our engineering team. In-house test facilities include equipment required to certify to most common CE standards including; CISPR22 Radiated + Conducted RF Emissions
EN61000-3-3 Flicker
EN61000-4-2 ESD Immunity
EN61000-4-3 Immunity to Radiated RF
EN61000-4-4 Electrical Fast Transient
EN61000-4-5 Surge Immunity
EN61000-4-6 Conducted RF Immunity
EN61000-4-11 Immunity to Dips and Interruptions

Pre-scans can be performed in the design cycle insuring satisfactory tests on the final product.
Production of PCB assemblies is handled by automated assembly and soldering machines from Novastar, APS and Global Production Devices. Added in 2016, the DDM Novastar SMT line will facilitate the production of our new ADU70 series products.
Product Development and custom Firmware
Standard products always in stock ISEL Prototype Machining CenterS The Shipping Department 
Stock products ship same day while modified stock ship in 2-5 days. Full custom requires a 3-4 week leadtime. Custom cut-outs for our standard ADU enclosures can be turned around in 24 hours. Priority shipping is handled exclusively by FED-Ex for North America and Europe for next day delivery of stock and custom products.  
CNC Units For Fast Prototyping 
 Jig1a.jpg (18971 bytes) Jig2a.jpg (18941 bytes)  Jig3a.jpg (22964 bytes) 
 Production Jig for ADU Products  Prototype Jig for ADU products  Servo Machine for Cutting Aluminum Enclosures 

Our in-house CNC machining center is well set up for quick prototype development of small plastic and aluminum enclosures. Your complete product can be developed with no waiting for outsourced components.

Update: As of Nov 2014 the CNC center has been upgraded to include 10 Techno-Isel CNC mills for production of plastic and aluminum, enclosures and faceplates.

Design Service Options
1. Custom Hardware Interfaces 
At ONTRAK CONTROL SYSTEMS INC., we have been designing and manufacturing serial data acquisition interfaces since 1986. The majority of our business consists of custom design of interfaces for a wide variety of applications including, automotive, medical instrumentation, industrial, SCADA, vending, sports medicine, and R&D . Custom design can involve a new design from the ground up or modified stock products. Engineering charges are very reasonable and are often $0 for modified stock products.
Stock products can be modified to provide signal conditioning or drive circuitry to interface, relays, sensors, keyboards, temperature sensors, bridge type sensors, LED arrays, LCD modules, stepper motors, dc motors, quadrature encoders or whatever is required by the target application.
2. Custom Software Solutions 
ONTRAK CONTROL SYSTEMS INC., has the capability to provide software solutions for your application. Using a variety of development platforms, complete turn-key solutions can be produced. Whether DOS, or Windows Based, solutions can be developed quickly and efficiently using our existing libraries of software functions. Coupled with a stock or custom hardware interface, a complete turn-key system can be produced.  
3. Custom Firmware in Silicon 
We offer a unique service to OEM's who require serial data acquisition functionality in their products. We will license our core products for use in your product by supplying pre-programmed MPU's with the functionality you require. I/O counts can range from 1 to 100's. A/D, D/A, digital I/O, counters, timers, serial ports are just a few of the functions available. Surface-mount or through-hole packages with our stock or custom firmware designed to work with target hardware, will be shipped at very reasonable rates and short lead times. 
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To inquire about custom products contact Tom Fortin at our Sudbury office. We will prepare a quote in only a few days. Lead times are typically 5 days for modified stock products or 4-5 weeks for new designs.  
RoHS Compliance Status;
Over the past few years Ontrak Control Systems has been transforming all components used in production to no-lead, RoHS compliant parts. Similarly, all plastics used in enclosure manufacturing are PBB free in compliance of RoHS standards. As of March 2006, all in-stock components, used in manufacturing all products, are lead free. The last step in our transition to RoHS compliance is the replacement of our through-hole and SMT solder equipment to a TIN-SILVER-COPPER chemistry. This step will be completed by April 30, 2006, ensuring full RoHS compliance before the July 1, 2006 deadline. All products shipped to EU addresses will be RoHS compliant. North American shipments MAY contain lead past the July 1st deadline as non-compliant parts will be exhausted before RoHS compliant versions ship to non EU addresses. ( March 2006 )
NOTE: Microchip Technology of Chandler Arizona has named Ontrak Control Systems Inc. its top consultant ( of over 340 companies worldwide ) for designs completed in 2003. Microchip evaluates designs submitted by companies listed as consultants on its web site and each year picks the top consultant based on innovative use of its products in designs brought into production. We have always striven to be the best in the world at what we do and we are very proud that Microchip Technology, one of the worlds largest microchip manufacturers, has given us this honored recognition. ( Dec 2004 )
NOTE: Ontrak Control Systems is now a Certified Microchip Technology Consultant Company. ( April 1999 )
NOTE: Ontrak Control Systems has now passed its First Factory Inspection by TUV Rheinland allowing use of the TUV mark on all products approved by TUV Rheinland for distribution in Europe. ( Feb. 2001 )
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