rs232/rs485 serial data acquisition interface

8, 12-bit ADC, 8 Digital I/O

two PWM or DAC outputs


The ADR2000 serial data acquisition interface allows control of 8 digital I/O lines and 8, 12-bit analog inputs (0 - 5VDC or +/-5VDC), two analog outputs and one event counter via an RS232 or RS485 link. This low-cost serial data acquistion interface is easy to use with Visual Basic, Basic, C, Labview, Testpoint, or other high level languages that allow access to a serial port. The ADR2000 series of data acquisition interfaces are daisy chainable up to ten units. All ADR2000 series boards contain RS232 to RS485 converters.

Dimensions: 5.4" X 2.8"
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Key Features

Technical Specification

General ADR2000A ADR2000B
Supply Voltage 5VDC or 9-15VDC 5VDC or 9-15VDC
Supply Current (Outputs unloaded) 40mA Typical 60mA Max 40mA Typical 60mA Max
Operating Temperature 0-50C 0-50C
Analog Inputs (8 SE or 4 DIFF) ADR2000A ADR2000B
Resolution 12-bits 12-bits
Accuracy 0.1%, 0.02% calibrated 0.1%, 0.02% calibrated
Input Range 0-5VDC or +/- 5VDC 0-5VDC or +/- 5VDC
Input Impedance 1Mohm 1Mohm
Analog Outputs (2) ADR2000A ADR2000B
Resolution 12-bits N/A
Range 0-5VDC N/A
Output Current 0-5mA total of both outputs N/A
PWM Outputs (2) ADR2000A ADR2000B
Resolution N/A 10-bits
Frequency N/A 9.76Khz, 2.44Khz, 610Hz
Digital I/O (8 TTL) ADR2000A ADR2000B
Sink Current 20mA 20mA
Source Current 20mA 20mA
Event Counter (1) ADR2000A ADR2000B
Resolution 16-bit 16-bit
Input Type Contact or TTL Contact or TTL
Max Frequency 250Khz 250Khz
Type RS232 and RS485 9600 Baud RS232 and RS485 9600 Baud
Daisy-Chain Up to ten boards Up to ten boards






Power Adaptor


The ADR2000 ships with user manual and a 6' RS232 cable.