rs232/rs485 serial data acquisition interface (16 bit)


The ADR7700 is an high resolution/accuracy, build-to-order data acquisition interface designed primarily for OEMs. Each unit is scaled and calibrated to customer specified input ranges. This low-cost build-to-order serial data acquisition interface is easy to use with Visual Basic, Basic, C, Visual C++, Labview, Testpoint, or other high level languages that allow access to a serial port.

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Key Features

Technical Specification

Supply Voltage 5VDC or 9-24VDC
Supply Current (Outputs unloaded) 40mA Typical 50mA Max
Operating Temperature 0-50C
Analog Input (Single-Ended or Differential)
Resolution 16-bits
Integral Non-Linearity 0.0015%
Input Ranges Available SE (Resolution Per Step)
Note: Range set at factory. Custom ranges available.
0-1.25V(19uV), 0-2.5V(38uV), 0-5V(76uV),
0-10V(152uV), 0-15V(228uV), 0-20V(305uV)
Input Ranges Available DIFF (Resolution Per Step)
Note: Range set at factory. Custom ranges available.
0-1.25V(38uV), 0-2.5V(76uV), 0-5V (152uV),
0-10V(305uV), 0-15V(458uV), 0-20V(610uV)
Maximum Noise 10uV RMS
Reference Stability 7ppm/C
Maximum Sample Rate 60Hz
Frequency Response 15.72Hz
Broadcast Rates 1Hz or 10Hz
Digital I/O (4 TTL)
Sink Current 20mA
Source Current 20mA
Type RS232 and RS485 9600 Baud (other rates by special order)
Daisy-Chain Up to ten boards via RS485


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Available Ranges 1.25SE, 1.25DI, 2.5SE, 2.5DI , 5SE, 5DI, 10SE, 10DI, 15SE, 15DI, 20SE, 20DI