USB Data acquisition interface
ISOLATED - 16-bit with PGA and relay output

ADU100 USB to Analog/Digital and Relay Interface Module


The ADU100 features 3 ISOLATED 16-bit analog inputs, 4 digital I/O lines, one 5 AMP relay contact output, four 16 bit event counters, and an auxiliary RS232 port. Two of the analog input lines can be programmed in 20mV to +/-2.5V ranges via an internal PGA. The third analog input is a high-level input with programmable ranges of 0-5, +/-5, 0-10, and +/-10 VDC. Two reference outputs are available ( 2.5000V and 5.00V ) to allow direct connection of strain gauge type sensors. This low-cost data acquisition interface is easy to use with VB, and Visual C++ via standard HID drivers included with Windows. A mini-driver (DLL) is also provided allowing control using standard ASCII commands using familiar readfile, writefile commands. The ADU100 USB data acquisition interface also features an auxillary RS232 port for connecting Legacy RS232 devices. (ADR Products) The ADU100 includes a 10' USB cable and is available as a PCB or in an enclosure with several mounting options. The variety of I/O on this product make it unique and well suited for integration into a variety of instruments.

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Download ADU100 3D STEP files for FLANGE, DIN and DESKTOP mounting types.

Key Features

Technical Specification

ADU100 Features
Supply Voltage NONE (Bus Powered)
Supply Current 180mA Typical 200mA Max
Operating Temperature 0-50C
Low Level Analog Inputs (2)
Resolution 16 Bits
Type 2 Single Ended or 1 Differential
Ranges (Programmable) 0-2.5 , 0-1.25V, 0-.625V, 0-.3125V, 0-156.25mV, 0- 78.125mV, 0- 39.0625mV, 0-19.53125mV

+/-2.5V, +/-1.25V, +/-.625V,+/-.3125V, +/-156.25mV, +/-78.125mV, +/-39.0625mV +/-19.53125mV

Note that special considerations must be taken when operating AN0 and AN1 with bipolar input ranges. See sample connection diagrams for more information.
Input Z 100K ohm
Common Mode Range +/- 5VDC
Linearity .0003% Typical
Noise (peak to peak) 4.7uV ( GAIN =1 ) 0.63uV ( GAIN = 128 )
Offset Error Equal to noise level when calibrated
Gain Error Equal to noise level when calibrated
Isolation 3000V
High Level Analog Input (1)
Resolution 16 Bits
Type Single Ended
Ranges (Programmable) 0-5VDC,0-10VDC,+/-5VDC,+/-10VDC
Common Mode Range -11 to +12 VDC
Linearity .0003% Typical
Noise (peak to peak) 35uV MAX (10 V Range) 20uV MAX (5V Range)
Offset Error +/- 10mV MAX
Gain Error 0.2% MAX, Typical 0.05%
Input Z 27K ohm
Isolation 3000V
Analog Sample Rates 50 s/s/Ch-1Ch, 9s/s/Ch-2Ch, 6s/s/Ch-3Ch
Relay Output (1)
Type Normally Open (TYPE A)
AC Ratings 5.0 Amps @ 120VAC MAX
DC Ratings 5.0 Amps @ 30VDC MAX
Digital I/O (4) (TTL)
Vin LOW (MAX) 0.7 VDC
Event Counter (4)
Resolution 16-bit
Input Type TTL or Dry Contact
Max Frequency 5Khz (250Khz on PA0 only)
Reference Outputs (2)
Output 1 2.5000V @10mA Max
Output 2 5.00V @100mA Max
Special Functions
RS232 Port Auxiliary RS232 port allows connection to ASCII based serial interfaces. Programmable baud rate from 9600 to 56K.
Mounting Options Desktop, Velcro, Flange, DIN Rail


ADU100 Qty 1-9


ADU100 Qty 10+


IMPORTANT: Specify mounting option when ordering.-DESKTOP (standard), -VELCRO, -FLANGE or -DIN . See Mounting Options for details.

Mounting Option Examples

Available using -DIN while ordering.
Available using -FLANGE while ordering.