rs232 8:1 video multiplexer / video switch
(Dimensions, 6.7" X 3.4" X 1.3")


The AVR8000 RS232 based, 8:1 Video Multiplexer / Video Switch allows switching of up to eight video sources to one monitor, VCR, or video capture card. The video multiplexer was designed for use in Point-Of-Sale systems and is suitable for security and industrial monitoring applications. The solid-state switching circuits feature buffered inputs and output, ultra-low switching transient (10mV p-p), and ESD protection on all connections. Contact inputs for motion detectors or external manual switch allow manual video switch control (no host computer) or switching based on motion detection. Timed switching mode allows scanning of inputs with user set dwell time.

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Overview of Modes of Operation

MODE1: Motion Input / Manual Switching:
Mode 1 allows the use of an external switch ( not provided ) to select which input is routed to the output. Motion detector outputs of cameras can also be used for switching.There are eight contact inputs on the AVR8000 video multiplexer which allow the use of cameras equipped with motion detectors to be used to determine which channel is routed to the output. A host computer is not required but may be used to monitor motion and/or video signals. Video output can then be routed to a VCR, video monitor or video capture card.

MODE2: RS232 Controlled Switching:
Mode 2 allows full control of switching via an RS232 connection. Simple ASCII commands allow channel selection, and also, monitoring of the eight contact inputs. Software interrupts may be enabled to notify host of contact input ( motion ) status changes. Video output can then be routed to a VCR, video monitor or video capture card.

MODE3: Timed Switching:
Mode 3 enables switching of channels based on time intervals set by the host computer. Dwell time is set from 1 to 255 seconds. Video output can then be routed to a VCR, video monitor or video capture card.

Key Features

Technical Specification

Video Inputs (8)
Input Impedance 75 Ohm, (50 Ohm Available)
Input Level 1Vp-p
Input Voltage Range +/-2V
Connector Type RCA
Video Output
Output Impedance 75 Ohm, (50 Ohm Available)
Output Level 1Vp-p into 75 Ohms
Switch Transient 10mV p-p MAX
Bandwidth (-3dB) 70Mhz
Connector Type RCA
Contact Inputs (8)
Type Dry Contact or TTL
Connector Type DB9 Female
Serial Port
Type RS232 9600 Baud (56K Baud Available)
Connector Type DB9 Female
Power and Operating Conditions
Supply Voltage RS232 and RS485 9600 Baud
(Higher baud rates available by special order up to 56K)
Supply Current Up to ten boards
Operating Temperature 0-50C


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