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Serial Data Acquisition Application Examples
Green text in brackets indicate programming language used in application. EX. ( Visual Basic ), (BASIC), ( TestPoint ) ( C ), ( LabVIEW ) or ( NONE )
See the Programming Section for tutorials on programming using BASIC, C, Visual Basic, C++, VB.NET, JAVA, LINUX, LabVIEW and TestPoint.
Simple Interfacing Applications ( USB Products )
ADU100 USB Data Acquisition Interface - Connection Diagrams
( Strain Gauges, potentiometers, 4-20mA curent loops, switches, and LED's )
ADU200 USB Relay I/O Interface - Connection Diagrams
( Dry contacts, switches, AC loads and DC loads )
ADU71 USB to Current Output Interface  ( 4-20mA, 0-20mA Transmitter ) - Connection Diagrams
( 4-20mA current loops, 0-5VDC input devices, 0-10VDC input devices, variable frequency drives, valves etc.)
Simple Interfacing Applications ( RS232 and RS485 Products )
Reading Potentiometer Position with Analog Inputs ( BASIC
Connecting Switches to Digital Inputs ( BASIC )
Driving LED's with Digital Outputs ( BASIC )
Driving Solid-State Relays ( BASIC )
Temperature Measurement with the LM335 Solid-State Temperature Sensor ( BASIC )
ADR Feature Specific Applications
Using the ADR2100 Stepper Motor Indexer
Daisy-Chaining ADR Interfaces ( ADR2000 series and ADR1000 )
Using ADR2200 Interrupt Functions ( Visual BASIC )
Using PWM to Generate an Analog Output
General Applications
Using RS232 Devices with USB
Programming TCP/IP Access to ADR Cards ( Visual C ++ )
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