JAVA Access to ADU Devices   ( Accessing the AduHid.DLL)

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This page describes how a Java application can access ADU Devices through a wrapper around the AduHid.dll Dynamic Link Library. The AduHid.dll is written in C, however a Java Native Interface (JNI) wrapper allows Java programs to utilize its functions.

Sun Microsystems provides tutorial information about JNI on their Java Tutorial pages.
Please read the Sun Microsystems tutorial as we will not repeat material that is explained there.

Download the AduJava sample application ( 737K ) complete with source code. The code in AduJava was typed in from scratch and was not "cut-and-paste" however it follows the Sun tutorial quite closely.

NEW: Download the 64-bit version of the AduJava sample application complete with source code here:

This page does not describe the AduHid interface. Please see the AduHid SDK page for more information.



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  • Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) Software Developement Kit (SDK) from Sun Microsystems.
  • Microsoft C compiler and linker included with Visual Studio
  • Borland command line compiler version 5.5

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