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Data Acquisition News

September 2017

The ADU70 USB Load Cell Interface is now shipping.  This 24-bit Wheatstone bridge amplifier operates with most standard load cells and features outstanding accuracy of +/- .02% of FSR.  With 5.000V excitation, 2500V isolation and 24 bit resolution, the ADU70 is the best in class.  See the ADU70 Web Page for details.

June 2017

Ontrak Control Systems is presently developing a series of LabView example VI's to demonstrate communications with USB devices including all ADU products. The first example demonstrates basic communications to USB devices in LabView using the AduHid DLL. It has now been posted on the Programming web page.

APRIL 2017

It has been 15 years since the ADU218 Solid-State Relay I/O Interface was released, and in that time the technology used to manufacture  PhotoMOS relays used in the product, has improved greatly.  The new AQZ202G and AQZ207G relays have RDSon resistances as low as 15 milliohms allowing both higher current ratings for AC and DC power applications, and superior performance for low level signal control. Today we announce the pending release of four new ADU, PhotoMOS based, USB Solid-State Relay I/O Interfaces, including 2, 8-channel, and 2, dual-channel versions. The products are presently in the safety certification process at CSA which is expected to conclude in July, allowing for an August 2017 release date.   See the Products Page for details on these new PhotoMOS relay based interfaces.

March 2017

The second product in our ADU70 series is now shipping.  The ADU72 USB to Current Input Interface is a 0-20mA or 4-20mA receiver that facilitates connection of two, three or four-wire process transmitters via a single USB connection.  The ADU72 features an internal 24VDC power supply eliminating the need for an external loop power supply in most applications.  See the ADU72 web page for more details.


A new Visual Basic programming example using Visual Studio 2015 has been added in the programming section. The tutorial demonstrates the correct method to communicate with ADU devices, including the new advanced functions available in version 2.1 of the AduHid dll.  See Visual Studio 2015 VB Example for more details.


The AduJava example has been updated to include a 64-bit version of the sample application. The sample application demonstrates a method of accessing an external DLL in Java.  The sample code demonstrates how to access the AduHid.dll file in Java allowing control of ADU or other USB based devices in Java ( JNI ). See for more information.

March 2016

Ontrak has received delivery of a complete SMT production system manufactured by DDM Novastar in King of Prussia PA.  The LE40 pick-and place-machine, SPR-25 stencil printer, and GF12-HT oven will facilitate the production of our new ADU70 series of products.

March 2015

The first in our new ADU70 series of products is now shipping.  The ADU71 USB to Current Output Interface is a unique product allowing a 4-20 or 0-20 mA current loop to be generated via a single USB connection. The ADU71 features 2500V isolation, 16-bit accuracy, and an internal 24 volt loop power supply generated from the USB power supply making connection to valves, VFD's or process indicators as simple as it gets. The ADU71 also has many advanced features such as, programmable slew rate, loop error detection, over-temperature protection, and a programmable watchdog timer.

November 2014

Ontrak Control Systems proudly announces the opening of The Fortin Discovery Lab

The Fortin Discovery Lab was  conceived, designed and built by Tom Fortin, founder of Ontrak Control Systems, and opened on November 5th, 2014.  The mandate of the facility is to promote the development of commercial and industrial products that are to be manufactured in Canada or the USA, and further, to encourage graduate engineers to consider entrepreneurial efforts in manufacturing. Initial capital funding was provided by The Fortin Foundation and FEDNOR.

The lab features full capabilities for electronic/mechanical product design up to and including pre-production. The facility features 3D design and printing, electronics design and assembly, CNC mold making, injection molding of plastic parts, and laser micro-machining, with capabilities selected for development of products that fit into one cubic foot of space or smaller. Product development is taken one step further making it unique in the world. A full electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) certification facility including an RF chamber to allow product certifications such as FCC, CE and ICES to be met by product developers has also been incorporated. Further, a Canadian made environmental test chamber will facilitate product testing to both temperature and humidity extremes, which is a requirement of many industrial products.

“Certification requirements for worldwide distributed manufactured products including safety and EMC have increased dramatically over the last few decades adding a significant cost in both time and money to the product development process. Through the incorporation of this capability we are removing a significant barrier to new product development while further increasing the competency of engineers in the lab through their close integration with the certification testing process.” explains Tom Fortin, the labs inaugural Director. “The complete design process from concept to certified product production, ready for sale anywhere in the world, is now available in one facility.”

Adding to its unique configuration is the fact that the lab itself has no paid employees. The lab is staffed entirely by graduate engineers and technologists in various disciplines who are committed to developing products to be manufactured in Canada or USA. The resident Independent Product Developers (IPD’s) will offer design services for individuals, corporations and research institutions on a fee-for-service basis while managing responsibility of day to day operations for their particular section of the lab. The IPD’s will be mentored by several volunteer industry professionals from manufacturing, mining, medical and industrial corporations among others. “This unique operating model allows the lab to operate with minimal overhead while developing advanced commercial products.” adds Mr. Fortin. “It is our goal not only to produce advanced commercial products, but to also enhance the competency of young engineers in skills essential to a strong entrepreneurial based manufacturing economy.

June 2013

 Ontrak has received delivery of a Spartan 8S tin/silver wave solder machine manufactured by DDM Novastar in King of Prussia PA.  The new lead-free machine completes our transistion to a full RoHS compliant facility.

MARCH 2012

Welcome to our new web page. After 14 years it was certainly time for a change.  Watch for several new products to be released this spring.

October 2010

A new 64-bit DLL mini-driver will be available by the end of October for users who wish to compile 64-bit ADU applications. Included with the new driver will be both VB and C, click-by-click examples. Further, a 64-bit version of the popular ADUHIDTEST software is in beta testing and will be available in November 2010

February 2009

Effective March 1st, 2009 the FLANGE option for ADU products is offered at no charge. Please specify FLANGE in the part number when ordering. ( Ex ADU200-FLANGE ) We have moved from a machined to an injection molded part for this option and the cost has been reduced to the point that an extra charge is no longer warranted.

January 2009

LINUX SDK has now been added to the Programming Section of this website. Designed for LINUX users, the SDK offers tutorials on using ADU products with various LINUX versions.

September 2008

Effective Sept 1st, 2008, all ADU products will no longer ship with the Driver /SDK diskette or CD-ROM. All ADU drivers and the SDK kit are available for downloading or on-line viewing on the programming section of the website.

March 2007

Ontrak Control Systems is pleased to announce that Valerie Majerrison has joined Ontrak at the Sudbury office and will be responsible for order taking, shipping, customs handing and order tracking. Welcome aboard Valerie.

March 2006

New tutorials have been added to the Programming Section of the website to aid in developing applications for ADU products. The three tutorials include programming examples for VB.NET, C Sharp and JAVA languages.

March 2005

Ontrak Control Systems is pleased to announce the Full-Compliance EMC lab is now fully operational at our Sudbury, Ontario Product Development Center. The new facility allows for the fastest possible development time for EMC compliant designs. With no need for use of outside compliance labs, both time and money will be saved in new product development.

January 2005

Ontrak Control Systems is pleased to announce a major capital expansion project involving a new Full-Compliance EMC test lab to be completed in March 2005 at the Sudbury Product Development Center. The new EMC lab will feature all hardware to perform full compliance testing to popular EMC standards including EN55011, EN55022, FCC and EN61000-X series immunity standards. All EMC testing for "CE" mark will be performed in the new facility for both stock and custom products. New equipment including a Laplacell 300 ( Modified GTEM ) will allow radiated emission and immunity tests to be performed and correlated to OATS to meet all relevant standards. A Schaffner Modula test system will allow ESD, EFT, Surge, PQF and other immunity tests to be performed through development to production phases of product development. Futher details will be posted on the Custom Design Services page as the lab becomes operational.

December 2004

Microchip Technology of Chandler Arizona has named Ontrak Control Systems Inc. its top consultant ( of over 340 companies worldwide ) for designs completed in 2003. Microchip evaluates designs submitted by companies listed as consultants on its web site and each year picks the best consultant based on innovative use of its products in designs brought into production. We have always striven to be the best in the world at what we do and we are very proud that Microchip Technology, one of the worlds largest microchip manufacturers, has given us this honored recognition.

November 2004

Ontrak Control Systems has expanded its CNC center to include eight Techno-Isel CNC mills due to the increased demand for its enclosed products ( Both the ADU series, and Custom designs ). We now have capabilities to work with both ABS Plastic and Aluminum enclosures to provide finished enclosures in quantities from 10's to 1000's of units in-house. We have added a few pictures of the machines in action on our Custom Design page.

October 2004

Several new mounting options are now available for the ADU series of USB Data Acquisition Interfaces . The options include the standard Table-Top, Flange, DIN Rail, or Velcro mount. Complete specifications and drawings are available with a link from each product page to ADU Mounting Options.

May 2004

The ADU218 USB Solid-State Relay I/O Interface which features PhotoMOS SSR outputs of up to 1 amp is now shipping. This very unique interface provides the reliability of solid-state relays and the flexibility of PhotoMOS outputs that allow both AC and DC loads to be controlled.

December 2003

Two new ADU USB Relay I/O Interfaces will start shipping in the next few weeks. They include the ADU208 Relay I/O Interface with 8, 5 Amp outputs and 8 isolated inputs. The ADU208 is essentially an 8 channel version of the ADU200, less the RS232 port. Also, the ADU218 USB Solid-State Relay I/O Interface which features PhotoMOS SSR outputs that can switch both AC and DC loads of up to 1 Amp. The year 2004 is looking to be an exciting year for Ontrak Control Systems as we are changing our focus back to our stock products by devoting 75% of all engineering time to new product development.

November 2003

In response to many requests, the user manuals ( in PDF Format ) for all products can now be downloaded from each products information page. Also, sample connection diagrams for the new ADU series of USB Data Acquisition Products can now be viewed on each products main page. The sample connection diagrams illustrate the proper methods of connecting devices such as, switches, dry contacts, potentiometers, strain gauges, 4-20mA current loops and other transducers to the ADU series of products. A tutorial on using VB.NET with the ADU USB Data Acquisition Products is now available in the programming section of the web site. The tutorial includes sample files for download, and details on how to convert programs from VB6 to VB.NET.

October 2003

The ADU100 USB Data Acquisition Interface is now shipping. This low-cost ISOLATED 16-bit Data Acquisition Interface is truly a unique offering with its relay output and auxiliary RS232 port.

September 2003

The ADU100 USB Data Acquisition Interface release has been delayed until Oct 8 as it has taken longer than expected to complete the product qualification process. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience.

June 2003

An 8-channel version of the ADU200 USB Relay I/O Interface will be available in December 2003. The ADU208 features 8, 5-amp relay outputs and 8 optically isolated inputs and 8 event counters. The package size is identical to the ADU200, however, the auxiliary RS232 port will not be available on this model to allow physical room for the terminal connections. Watch the Products Page for further details.

April 2003

The ADU100 release has been delayed until mid June due to a major design change. The ADU100 USB data acquisition interface will now feature 3, 16-bit ISOLATED analog inputs, 4 digital I/O lines, one 5 AMP relay contact output, a high speed 16 bit event counter, and an auxiliary RS232 port. The QTY 1 price is $199 and is by far, the lowest price isolated 16-bit USB data acquisition interface available.

March 2003

The second in our line of USB data acquisition and control interfaces is due to be released next month. The ADU100 features 3, 16-bit analog inputs, 4 digital I/O lines, one 5 AMP relay contact output, one high speed 16 bit event counter, and an auxiliary RS232 port. Two of the analog input lines can be programmed in 20mV to 2.5V ranges via an internal PGA. The third analog input is a high-level input with programmable ranges of 0-5, +/-5, 0-10, and +/-10 VDC. The variety of I/O on this product make it unique and well suited for integration into a variety of instruments.

December 2002

The new ADU200 USB Relay I/O Interface is now shipping. The complete software development kit ( SDK ) for the line of ADU interface is online in our programming section. The development kit contains plenty of tutorials in VB and VC++. TestPoint and LabView tutorials will be posted soon.

November 2002

The ship date for the new ADU200, the first in our USB line of products, is set for Nov 29, 2002. The ADU200 USB Relay I/O Interface features 4, 5-amp relay outputs and 4 optically isolated inputs and 4 event counters. A mini-driver ( DLL ) is shipping with the product allowing control via intuitive ASCII commands from Visual Basic, Visual C++, LabVIEW or TestPoint. We will be posting the command set details and software tutorials for VB and Visual C++ in the week of NOV 25 or sooner. If you would like to be put on the USB notification list send your request to . The single unit price has been finalized at $139US with generous quantity discounts.

August 2002

adulogo.jpg (1752 bytes) Ontrak is proud to announce the pending release of the first of 4 new USB based Data Acquisition and Control Interfaces. The new ADU series of USB based products feature A/D, D/A, Digital I/O and Relay I/O in various configurations. All versions will also feature a slave RS232 port for connecting additional RS232 based devices ( ADR series Products ). The ADU200 USB Relay I/O Interface with 4, 5-amp relay outputs and 4 optically isolated inputs is scheduled for release in NOV 2002.

April 2002

Following several requests by our customers we have completed a LINUX programming example showing how to communicate with ADR ( RS232/RS485) based devices. The example is now posted n our programming section. Sample code is can be requested from the page titled Using LINUX to program ADR Data Acquisition Interfaces. The example complements the existing tutorials written in C, Visual C++, Visual BASIC, BASIC, LabView and TestPoint.

February 2002

Ontrak Control Systems Inc. announces the completion of our plant expansion in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. The expansion allowed the addition of several new work stations and a complete CNC machining center. The CNC machining center was installed to reduce the lead time for custom enclosures as much of the work was previously outsourced. Complete products can be developed including PCB's, and plastic or aluminum enclosures with the shortest lead times in the industry. The machining center includes several small DRO mills, and a Techno-Isel CNC mill. A photo of the machining center is posted on our Custom Design page.

January 2002

Ontrak Control Systems Inc. announces the release of ADRCOM. ADRCOM is a free terminal emulation program that allows users to manually type commands and view responses from both RS232 and RS485 ASCII based devices. The software is free and can be downloaded directly from

September 2001

Ontrak Control Systems Inc. announces the release of the ADR2205 RS232, RS485 Relay I/O Interface with 5 Amp switching capabilities. Compatible with the ADR2000 series of interfaces, the ADR2205 expands the relay product offering adding the features such as, high voltage digital inputs and event counter, eight contact outputs with 5 Amp switching capability, and a programmable watchdog timer. The ADR2205 pricing is $189USD QTY 1.

May 2001

Ontrak Control Systems Inc. announces the pending release of a new easy to use terminal emulation software. ADRCOM is a terminal emulation program that allows troubleshooting and testing of ADR interfaces from any windows based computer. The software will be available for FREE via download on our web site. Look for the new software and tutorial by the end of Sept. 2001.

April 2001

Ontrak Control Systems Inc. announces the pending release of the ADR2205 RS232, RS485 Relay I/O Interface with 5 Amp switching capabilities. Compatible with the ADR2000 series of interfaces, the ADR2205 expands the relay product offering adding the features such as, high voltage digital inputs and event counter, eight contact outputs with 5 Amp switching capability, and a programmable watchdog timer. The ADR2205 pricing is $189USD QTY 1, and will begin shipping on July 30, 2001.

March 2001

The facilities at our Sudbury Ontario Development center have this month completed a capital expansion project adding automated assembly and soldering equipment from Novastar, APS and Global Production Devices. The center is now equipped to eliminate the outsourcing of higher volume manufacturing runs. This is an important step in our goal of total control of product quality.

February 2001

Ontrak Control Systems Inc, Product Development Center has now passed its first factory inspection by TUV Rheinland and has been issued a certificate ( No. H0741212.01 ) indicating our quality control and safety procedures now meet the rigorous standards of TUV. This certificate allows Ontrak Control Systems to apply the TUV mark to all products approved by TUV Rheinland manufactured at the facility. We are very proud of this achievement and see it as an important attribute to our custom design division for our customers requiring distribution in Europe..

January 2001

The AVR8000 RS232 8:1 Video Multiplexer / Video Switch is now shipping. The AVR8000 is a versatile device allowing may control configurations including , manual switch , RS232, contact input ( motion ), or timed switching. Buffered inputs and outputs including full ESD protection ensure reliable operation.

December 2000

A new tutorial covering TCP/IP access to serial data acquisition interfaces is now posted in the Programming section. The tutorial titled Programming TCP/IP Access to ADR Cards outlines the code required to communicate with data acquisition interfaces over an Internet connection. Sample code is available through e-mail request.

November 2000

A new web page for Ontrak Control Systems has been launched this month ( You're looking at it now! ). The page contains all the information from our previous page in an easier to navigate format. Thanks to Ed and Jason at Worldwide Productions for a job well done.

October 2000

Ontrak Control Systems announces the pending release ( DEC 2000 ) of the AVR8000 RS232 8:1 Video Multiplexer ( $199 Qty 1 ). The AVR8000 allows multiplexing of 8 video signals to a single output. Eight contact inputs allow the used of an external manual switch or motion detector inputs to determine selected channel. Designed for Point-Of-Sale use, the device is also suitable for security and industrial monitoring applications

July 5, 2000
New Product Development Center Opens in Sudbury, Ontario

Ontrak Control Systems announces the opening of a new Product Development Center in Sudbury, Ontario. The new facility features modern mechanical and electronic prototyping facilities for the development of both custom and standard computer interface products. Employing five design and prototype production staff, the facility will specialize in design and development of RS232, RS485 and USB based computer interfaces for various industries. Additionally, all internet orders and correspondence will be handled at the facility. Effective July 5, 2000, please direct all deliveries and correspondence to : Ontrak Control Systems Inc. 764 Notre Dame Avenue, Unit #1, Sudbury, Ontario CANADA P3A 2T2. All telephone numbers and internet addresses will remain the same.

November + December 1999

There are no new product announcements for November or December. We would , however, like to wish all our customers a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

September + October 1999

Work is continuing on the new USB based interfaces and details will be available when finalized. We at Ontrak Control Systems continually strive to provide the highest quality products and services for our customers and have begun the process for ISO9001 registration. Ontrak has selected QMI, ( Quality Management Institute ) a division of the Canadian Standards Association, to act as auditors of the ISO9000 implementation. We believe the ISO registration will help ensure continuous product quality and improvement through careful monitoring of all aspects of product design through product manufacture.

August 1999

A new tutorial titled Using RS232 Devices With USB is now posted in both the Applications and Programming section of this site. The tutorial shows how any ADR interface product can be connected a USB port and software written as if the device was connected to a standard COM port. We are presently working on a line of USB interfaces and the first new product announcements will be made this fall.

June + July 1999

The summer months have been busy with several custom products developed for both a major POS system manufacturer, and a major telecommunications company. Our focus will shift to new stock products beginning in mid-August allowing time for some well deserved R&R for our design staff. New product announcements will be made in September. Feel free to send an e-mail with product suggestions to and we will be happy to consider them in determining the next line of interfaces. All e-mails will be answered by Tom Fortin, our Engineering Manager.

May 1999

The ADR7700 is now available for shipping. This 16-bit, build-to-order interface was designed for a medical equipment manufacturer and offers a low cost method of converting traditional instruments to computer control. In other news, Ontrak Control Systems is now designated a Certified Microchip Consultant company offering quality design services using Microchip Technology ( Chandler, AZ ) products.

April 1999

A new 16-bit, sigma-delta converter interface is to be released in early May and information is now posted in our products section. The ADR7700 is a high accuracy, build-to-order device with one analog input and 4 digital I/O lines with programmable interrupts. Developed for an instrument manufacturer, it has both RS232 and RS485 ports and will broadcast data at two rates. The analog input range ( single-ended or differential ) can be set to virtually any range specified by the user. A Visual C++ tutorial has been added to the programming section and demonstrates how to use ASCII devices with Visual C++ with MFC.

March 1999

The ADR2010 Serial Data Acquisition interfaces with 10 Volt analog inputs and the ADR2200 RS232 Relay I/O interface are now both shipping. The ADR2200 has several interrupt functions that eliminate the practice of polling inputs that are being very well received. Changes have begun in our Applications and Programming sections of the web site including new application notes, more extensive command listings and soon, Wonderware tutorials will be added.

February 1999

The release of the ADR2010 has been delayed until Feb 26th, 1999 which is the same day for the release of the ADR2200 Relay I/O interface. The delay is to allow us to make some performance improvements to the product and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are very pleased with the two new additions to our product line and expect they will be very popular. Plans for March include revisions to our web site in the Programming and Applications sections. More information will be posted concerning command syntax including alternative programming tips. The Applications section will be converted from a button type interface to hyperlinked text to allow more comprehensive descriptions to be posted. Users will be invited to submit applications and prizes will be awarded every six months to the most interesting application posted. Details will be posted in the Applications section in March.

January 1999

The ADR2010 will be released late this month adding 10V capabilities to the ADR2000 series of products. The ADR2200 RS232, RS485 Relay I/O interface is another new ADR2000 series product, to be released in FEB 99. The ADR2200 features 8 relay contact outputs, 4 TTL or contact inputs and one event counter. The interface is compatible with all ADR2000 series products. Details on new products to be released this April will be posted soon.

December 1998

At the request of many customers, a new product is to be added to the ADR2000 series with +10V and +/-10VDC inputs. The ADR2010 features 8, 12-bit analog inputs with software configurable to any combination of 0-5V,+/-5V,0-10V and +/-10VDC inputs. Also included are 8 digital I/O lines, 2, 10-bit PWM outputs and a 16-bit event counter. This board, as with all ADR2000 series products, is daisy-chainable with other units allowing up to 80 analog inputs.We at ONTRAK CONTROL SYSTEMS Inc. would like to wish all of you, a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

November 1998

A new page has been added to the Programming section of our site covering the use of TestPoint with ADR interfaces. This programming language is the easiest tool to produce applications in test and measurement , bar none. Work is continuing on new products to be announced in Jan 99. Feel free to let us know of any products or product improvements you would like to see.

October 1998

After many requests to make the printouts of our web page tutorials and programming applications more readable, the web page has been re-designed. The new page ( you are looking at it now) is much cleaner than before. Hope you like it. A LabVIEW tutorial has been added, and coming soon are a few more of the popular GUI software languages. Watch the programming section for details.

September 1998

New product brochures are now available and can be obtained simply by sending your name address and telephone number to To date, all ADR interfaces utilize RS232, RS485 or RS422 serial interface ports. Most computers manufactured today feature standard comm ports and USB serial ports. We are announcing today the development of new USB based data acquisition interfaces featuring 12-bit analog inputs, software configurable ranges, DIN rail or panel mounting capability, versatile digital I/O, all for under $250.00. Qty 1. These new interfaces to be released in spring 1999, will compliment our existing line of interfaces ensuring ONTRAK CONTROL SYSTEMS remains #1 in serial data acquisition for years to come.

August 1998

The ADR2100 is now available. Expected to be our best seller, it incorporates new functionality not found on previous products including interrupt capabilities and a dual stepper motor indexer. Our focus this month will be on developing software tutorials for Visual C and several graphical instrumentation languages. Watch our programming section for details. Those of you on our mailing list will receive our brochures covering the new products later this month.

July 1998

The ADR2100 is to be released this month and incorporates a complete dual stepper motor indexer. Along with the many other functions including analog inputs, digital I/O, PWM outputs, event counters and more, this product is expected to be our best seller for general control applications requiring extensive digital functions. Priced at only $199US, means price/performance second to none.Upon the release of the ADR2100, our focus will be on developing software tutorials for our web page to support the many graphical instrumentation software packages available. Watch the page for details.

June 1998

The first in our new ADR2000 series boards are now available. The new series offer the new capabilities previously unavailable on ADR interfaces including PWM outputs and analog voltage outputs. Once the ADR2100 is available ( Early Aug 1998 ) new brochures will be available outlining the complete product line. Send email through our feedback page to be put on our mailing list.

May 1998

The first in our new ADR2000 line or products is to be released at the end of this month. The ADR2000 series products feature an on board RS232 to RS485 converter, eliminating the need for RS232/RS485 converters in daisy-chained applications.

APRIL 1998

The big news this month is our new web page. A much cleaner look than the previous page with no flashy graphics or animations that take so long to load. The page was designed to provide information and that is what it does.
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